About us

“BBTAA Team Ltd is an advertising agency based in West Midlands and is most known as Black Tiger Advertising.

With more then 10 years of experience in this domain and clients from all over the world, we brag with the fact that we offer complete solutions for your needs, doesn`t matter if you need interior, exterior or online advertising.

Black Tiger Advertising began as a family business offering quality advertising services and it became a real business with time having many more members. Yes, we are more than a business or a company, we are a big, united and professional family.

We like to smile, to laugh, to joke. Good mood is at home in our office and we also know when to separate this from our work.

We treat every project with maximum professionalism and we do not stop when we think that everything is ok. No! Our job is done when everything is perfect and our client is satisfied.

You are probably asking what recommends us, right? Beside the experience, reviews, and the fact that we offer complete solutions, our professionalism, transparency, communication, flexibility and the fact that we don`t know the word “NO”. Every new project is a challenge for us and with every new challenge we update ourselves and we advance. Evolution. Doing this, we take the regular advertising to a whole new level every time.

Being a big happy family, we aim to cover the entire UK and to have a member of our family in every major city to be close to you and your needs. Check the Contact Us page for more details.

Black Tiger advertising can be your advertising agency. All you need to do is to contact us and we will take care of the rest. We will make sure your business will benefit with the best advertising services to create your business`s image the way you always wanted since the beginning.


Best Regards,

BBTAA Team Ltd”